Santa Barbara Clinic Building Something New

The Santa Barbara Clinic is a primary care internal medicine practice and hospital followup office. We centered around universal healthcare access. We reduce cost and simplify the doctor-patient relationship. There are no fees, and you will never receive a bill. Our process is so stream lined, we think more physicians will be adopting it in the next few years. Experience what medicine should be. We now offer billing services to most major healthcare networks and carriers.

Prescription assistance is available for those uninsured or who fall within a "gap" in insurance coverage.

Bit-coin now accepted by popular demand, see "Bit-Coin" page for more information and payment options.

Santa Barbara Clinic, has partnered with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and will be offering free HIV screening. Follow our newsletter or contact us to stay up to date and be notified when free testing kits are available.

We are Accepting new patients. Use the "contact us" page to get more information or call to schedule your appointment.
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Contact Us at Phone # +1 - 805 - 886 - 4370
Fax (805)-845-8227
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